Comfort Zones from Morrocco Media on Vimeo.

Now with English, German, and Italian subtitles.

As skiers we all have to develop our own comfort zones. They will vary from person to person, depend on different factors — such as techniques, strength, risk attitudes — and cover different types of skiing, e.g. on-piste, off-piste, or ski-mountaineering. Comfort Zones explores what motivates some people to move from piste skiing to explorative steep gully skiing in Scotland and what drives them them to explore the limits of their Comfort Zones.

The movie was filmed around the Glenshee Ski area and draws on interviews with two academics: Dr Philip Ebert and Professor Laurie Paul.

Thoughts explored by Dr Philip Ebert are discussed in more detail in his publications

"A Plea for Risk" (Ebert & Robertson): and

"Know you competence" (Ebert):

Ideas explored by Professor Laurie Paul, in particular her notion of Transformative Experience, are further developed here